The Ultimate ’90s Playlist: Get The Music From Episode 8 Of ‘Hindsight’

Tonight on Hindsight Becca faced Kevin who could pose a threat to her friendship with her (and our) BFF Lolly. While we anxiously await slash gnaw our fingernails away waiting for next week, we’re attempting to keep up with all the amazing ’90s music. Check out our handy list of songs from tonight’s episode and stream the official playlist below!

Vanessa Carlton – “A Thousand Miles”
Sheryl Crow – ““Leaving Las Vegas”
Annie Lennox – “Why”Flaming Lips – “She Don’t Use Jelly”
Digable Planets – “The May 4th Movement”
Digable Planets – “Rebirth Of Slick”
Five For Fighting – “Superman (It’s Not Easy)”
L7 – “Pretend We’re Dead”
Elastica – “Car Song”
Weezer – “Say It Ain’t So”
Green Day – “Basket Case”
Coldplay – “Clocks”


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