Baby Models: These Pictures Of ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Babies Will Melt Your Heart

  • Mendeecees Baby

  • Rasheeda Karter 1

  • Fizz-3-1419267047

  • Apryl-Megaa3-1412256822

  • Mendeecees Baby boy

  • Amina Baby 1

  • Megaa 4

  • Kam-7-1415027709

  • Moniece Kameron

  • Karter-2-1416854245

  • Megaa 3

  • Nia Kam

  • Kameron-1-1412714887

  • Yandy Baby boy

  • Baby Cori

  • Karter-1-1416854244

  • Kameron-13-1412714918

  • Amina Baby 3

  • Megaa 1

  • Kam-15-1415027722

  • Omarion Megaa

  • Kameron-19-1412714927

  • Amina Baby 2

  • Fizz-8-1419267052

  • Karter-Rasheeda-Curls-1419959042

  • Megaa 2

  • Mendeecees Baby 2

We know babies are, generally, just cute, because they have little feet and little shoes and chubby cheeks and they are miniature human beings but we can’t lie and say that we aren’t a little biased towards the VH1 fam’s next-of-kin. I mean, c’mon! From Rasheeda’s little guy Karter to Amina and Yandy’s newborn babies to Omarion’s mini-me, the Love & Hip Hop parents really have some beautiful bambinos.

Check out our gallery for some of the most adorable baby pics, and rest assured knowing that if they ever give up their music these stunning babies can take care of mom and dad as Gerber models!

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