‘Mob Wives,’ Episode 510 As Recapped By Big Ang GIFs

Big Ang always keeps it real and tonight was no different. Ang always manages to be the voice of reason while also being the funniest lady on Staten Island. Check out Mob Wives, episode 510, according to the one and only, Angela Raiola.

What did you think of Natalie DiDonato’s party, Ang?

What were things like between Carla, Renee, and Karen?

But, Ang, how did you feel about Drita saying she was definitely going to fight Nat D?

Okay, so like, on a scale of one to ten, what would you give tonight’s episode, Ang?

Okay, got it, well we’ll see you here next week? Don’t miss an all new Mob Wives, next Wednesday at 8/7c.