Check Out The Supertrailer For VH1’s New Series ‘Walk Of Shame Shuttle’

Not every early-morning cab ride home from a stranger’s place is met with a “Why are you shamin’ it today?” greeting, but that’s the non-judgmental and hilarious way that a ride on the Walk Of Shame Shuttle begins.

The Walk of Shame Shuttle began when Kellyann Wargo started giving her friends safe rides home after parties and realized that their drunken taxicab confessions would make amazing TV. So she hired a couple of drivers and boom: the Walk Of Shame Shuttle car service became her business, and we get to hear all the amazing stories behind dozens of strangers’ weird and wonderful nights out. Watch the supertrailer for the new VH1 series which premieres on Wednesday, March 18 at 9PM ET/PT and again at 11PM ET/PT.