I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Natalie Guercio Brings Backup

Since the beginning of Mob Wives Season 5, Natalie Guercio has been on the defense. It started with her fight with Karen Gravano outside the Drunken Monkey and eventually led into a hatred from Natalie DiDonato (who eventually proved to Drita that Natalie Guercio was a liar). Natalie Guercio has always been one to use her words as her weapon and not back down from a fight with anyone. However, when Drita notices a bunch of unfamiliar people at Renee’s party, the women begin to wonder is Natalie Guercio brought a group of people as protection.

After Renee asks security to remove the unwanted guests from her party, Natalie admits in her confessional that she brought her friends as back-up because she has constantly been attacked by the other women. Big Ang, Karen, Renee, Drita, and Natalie DiDonato are in shock that Natalie Guercio brought uninvited guests in order to protect herself in case anything went down between her and Nat D. At the end of the episode it appeared that the rest of the women realized Natalie Guercio’s true colors and decided to write her off for good. Only time will tell…

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