Flashback To Masika Kalysha As A Contestant On ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’

Seeing a star before they were famous is one of life’s small thrills so when we discovered Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Masika Kalysha on an episode of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker we were absolutely tickled.

In this rich throwback video Masika is asked her ethnicity and she amazingly responds with, “I’m black!” When Patti Stanger asks her what she kind of business she owns (!) Masika responds, “I actually have a tool company for women. It’s called Pinks. I actually redesign tools to fit a woman’s hand.” Um, who knew!? Like, really who?

You can watch the whole the episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker featuring Masika on Hulu Plus now to see how it all shakes out!