Andy’s Favorite Things: Nick Clifford Looks At The ’90s In ‘Hindsight’

Nick Clifford plays adorable, puppy dog Andy on VH1’s newest series Hindsight complicating Becca’s romantic life in the past and the present. While Andy pines for Becca while dating Melanie, the actor behind the lovable dude is filling us in on all his favorite things from the 1990s.

Favorite 90s film
Jurassic Park

Favorite 90s TV show

Favorite 90s Toy
Yak Bak and Gameboy

Favorite 90s band
Green Day

Favorite 90s Song
“Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys

Most Memorable Thing That Happened to You in the 90s
“My family and I moved to Brussels, Belgium in 1993.”

90s Crush
Winona Ryder

Favorite 90s Trend
Carpenter Jeans

Trend You’re Glad Went Out of Style

Thing You Miss Most About the 90s
“Things were just a little bit more outrageous back then. The kids shows were out of control…in a good way.”

Catch Nick as Andy on all new episodes of Hindsight, Wednesdays at 10/9c.