I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Anya And Donna’s Fight Leads To A Broken Ankle

“So I’m standing outside, and Anya gets in a can to go home, and I guess she sees me standing outside and this bitch gets out of a moving cab and gets her ankle ran over trying to get me.”

When Donna announced that she wanted to meet up with Anya on Black Ink Crew, the fiancee of the man she has been sleeping with, to clear the air, she had to know things would not end well. And they didn’t. After Donna called Anya crazy, the drinks and hair flew, and the two women wrestled on the ground at a fancy Upper East Side restaurant. And when that was all over and we thought they were each headed home, Anya decides to go for round two with terrible results. You need to watch this s— go down one more time, it’s just too crazy to believe.