Mo’Nique Reflects On Her Time On ‘Charm School’ And The State Of Reality TV

Mo’Nique has been making headlines recently by sharing with the Hollywood Reporter that she’s been “blackballed” by Hollywood since her Oscar win for Precious. Amidst this controversy, the actress has a new film, Blackbird, being released, and while promoting it with the Huffington Post, Mo’Nique revisited her Charm School: Flavor of Love days.

The actress said, “I wish there could have been a charm school that I could have attended because I believe there are things that we can learn and be taught that oftentimes we don’t get. So when they called me for Charm School, my thought was, ‘Let’s go in here and love up on each other and figure out how we can make each other better.'”

Since Charm School and the Celebreality days, reality TV has taken a turn to the more intimate with the advent of Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, and the Real Housewives shows. About the state of reality TV, the comedian offered:

“People want to know what you are doing in your bedroom, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, in your basement, in you backyard, in your front yard, in your car, on your yacht. People want to know that. I don’t knock it. Whatever floats your boat because, again, we’re asking people with this movie Blackbird, ‘Don’t judge.’ Right? We’re saying, ‘Don’t judge me,’ so how can we then turn around and judge? So I don’t judge it.”

Do you miss Mo’Nique as an authority figure on reality TV?