I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Natalie DiDonato Swings At Natalie Guercio

In two words the Mob Wives Season 5 reunion was a hot mess. Natalie Guercio left the stage twice, Drita D’Avanzo left once to go check on Natalie Guercio, and host Vivica Fox was brought to tears and made an emotional exit.

No matter how many times someone left the stage, the most dramatic moments were Natalie DiDonato’s two attempts to battle it out with Natalie Guercio. Both attempts resulted with Natalie Guercio running off the stage, the latter causing her and London to leave the set altogether. While Natalie Guercio chose to use her words as her weapon, Natalie DiDonato wanted to use her fists. Heated debates over rats and domestic violence caused these two Philly bombshells to explode.

Re-watch this insane reunion moment again and share your thoughts/comments below.