Put On Your Comfy Shoes, It’s Time To Take The Walk of Shame

Chances are, if you’ve ever been on spring break, you’ve done the walk of shame, and VH1 recognizes that. To celebrate that time honored tradition of slumming it home in last night’s clothes, we even created a “shame lane” at the Summit Beach Resort in Panama City, Florida so that hotel guests could embrace their shame and walk back to their room proudly. (Whether or not they remembered their hotel key is another story.)

Check out some of the amazing photos from the Walk Of Shame Lane, and tune in to Walk Of Shame Shuttle tonight at 9PM ET/PT right here on VH1.


“Walk of Shame Shuttle” Premieres Wednesday, March 18th at 9PM on VH1

NEW YORK, NY (March XX, 2015) – VH1 is taking over the Summit Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida from March 12-17, coming to the rescue of hard partying spring breakers with a branded activation surrounding the premiere of the new series “Walk of Shame Shuttle” on Wednesday, March 18th at 9PM ET/ PT.

For the full month, spring breakers will walk the ‘Walk of Shame Lane’ from the elevators in the lobby, outside past the pool, and all the way down the boardwalk to the beach at the Summit Beach Resort. From March 12-17, a VH1 pop-up tent and SUV will be manned by brand ambassadors who will encourage revelers to play several “Walk of Shame Shuttle” themed games (corn hole and pong) and to spin the Walk of Shame Prize Wheel for the chance to win The Walk of Shame Survival Kit which includes a hat, tank top, boy shorts, flip flops, sunglasses, mints, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, hairbrush and keychain. For those out partying hard, branded SUV’s will be parked throughout Panama City Beach at several clubs in the area with ambassadors giving out the essentials for any future walk of shamers. 

VH1’s all-new series “Walk of Shame Shuttle” takes an uninhibited ride with hard-partying merrymakers rehashing the previous night’s escapades in the harsh daylight of the following morning.  The “Walk of Shame Shuttle” drivers (Kellyann Wargo, Jordan Pease and Michelle Collins) provide real life partygoers with a ride home the morning after, and VH1 has rigged each driver’s car with cameras to document every hilarious ride. Find out why sometimes the morning-after stories are better than the ones from the night before when “Walk of Shame Shuttle” premieres Wednesday, March 18 at 9PM ET/ PT on VH1.

“Walk of Shame Shuttle” is executive produced by Brian Graden, Lois Curren, Gaurav Misra, and Carrie Franklin for BG Media. Susan Levison, Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly, Fernando Mills and Tricia Biggio serve as executive producers for VH1.