Karen Explains That If Storm Ever Cheats On Her She’ll “Chop His D*ck Off”

Karen Gravano went through a lot of drama this season on Mob Wives with her boyfriend of two years, Storm. When we asked her for the latest update on their situation, she took the opportunity to address the haters and fans who run “fake pages” and report rumors and accusations against the two. Karen explained “Me and him went through a situation on the show and…I opened up the door for people to say, oh, he’s a cheater, he doesn’t treat you right…For me it’s like, when you’re on a realty show, you’re exposing yourself to everything. You have to have thick skin.”

However, if he does step out on their relationship, what would she do? “I’ll f—ing chop his dick off if he f—ing cheats on me, I mean, let’s keep it real.”