Teairra Mari, Hazel, And Miss Nikki Baby Go In On Masika Kalysha On Instagram

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The ladies of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood have the claws out on this Monday. It all started when Teairra Mari posted a picture of Drake as her #MCM then, in the comments, requested her former friend Hazel E set the two up. Hazel chimed in, offering to play matchmaker but then Teairra posited that maybe Masika Kalysha was still with the rapper and she and Hazel started the hashtag: #50ShadesOfThot.

It didn’t take long for Miss Nikki Baby to join the shade in the comment and all the women to take up the Mean Girls clique quote, “You can’t sit with us” in regards to Masika. They even went as far to suggest Masika won’t be returning to Love & Hip Hop because she made a deal with adult film company Vivid Entertainment.

Of course, Masika took to her own Instagram to say, “It takes a whole pack of hyenas to “try” to kill a Lion… Hyenas also known as Cowardly scavengers. You’ll never touch the king.”

We are glad to see Teairra and Hazel are friendly again but ay yi yi. Check out the gallery for a full breakdown of all the Instagram comments!

[Photo Credit: Getty/Tumblr/Instagram]