Do You Think Erica Mena Went Too Hard At The Reunion Or Nah?

Erica Mena didn’t show for the Love & Hip Hop reunion but she still had plenty to say about her cast mates in her one-on-one with Mona Scott-Young. Erica ruffled some feathers last night by calling out the rest of the cast for being “filth,” going particularly hard on Chrissy Monroe, Diamond Strawberry, and her ex Cyn Santana. Fans were surprised and angry on social media, quick to leave comments on Mena’s Instagram, lambasting her behavior but Erica had no problem brushing it off.

Do you think Erica is really above the rest of the cast now? Do you think there’s any chance she’ll return to the show next season? Do you think she was wrong for calling her costars irrelevant?

Are You Team Erica?