The Evolution Of Karlie Redd and K.Michelle’s Friendship Boiled Down to Three Essential Moments

After shaking the table and showing receipts, these two became an amazing support system.

We were all a little surprised to see K.Michelle show up on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this week to support her former nemesis, Karlie Redd. During season one of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Karlie and K were forever at odds over rumors and gossip that Karlie allegedly spread about K.Michelle, which led to some of the most volatile (yet quotable) exchanges. But then, Karlie turned into a pacifist and made up with K.Michelle (and even convinced K to make up with Rasheeda!) We present to you three of the defining moments of the friendship. They’ve come a long way from shaking the table.

This is THE classic Karlie Vs. K.Michelle moment. After several weeks of rumors and talking behind backs, K.Michelle confronted Karlie for gossiping about her, and it was the start of two now-legendary lines: “Don’t shake unless you’re ready to get shook!” and “You have no receipts.”
“After all the s— that me and K has been through, can you believe we’re good friends now?” Karlie asks in this clip from the finale of season two. At first we would have said “No, we don’t believe it, actually,” but time has proven us wrong. K. and Karlie have managed to keep in touch and supported each other throughout the last couple years.
On K.Michelle: My Life, K’s spinoff series, Karlie popped up to dish out some advice on how to open your heart and find support from the right man. Such a far cry from shaking the tables.

Keep the sisterhood alive, ladies!