What Was The Reason Behind Drita And Carla’s Change In Friend Status?

Karen Gravano And Big Ang Discuss The Cause Of Carla And Drita's Rift On Mob Wives

Perhaps one of the biggest unresolved issues of Mob Wives season five is the rift between Drita and Carla. Fans and co-stars alike were left wondering what caused the former best friends to drift apart to the point where Drita even compared Carla’s personality to that of a mothball. In this exclusive interview with VH1.com, find out what Karen and Ang think the real cause of this rift is, and whether or not they think Drita and Carla can salvage what’s left of their relationship.

As you can see from Drita’s tweet below, she doesn’t really like people discussing her relationships, so time will tell if we hear her side of the story.