Justin Bieber Gives A Sweet Shout Out To Ex Selena Gomez After The Met Gala

Reunion coming soon?

Rihanna and Beyonce may have grabbed everyone’s eye at this year’s Met Gala, but it was Selena Gomez who caught the eye of one person in particular at the high profile event.

Ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, who was also in attendance, must’ve really liked what he saw that night because he made his thoughts very much known before leaving the event. As his black SUV surrounded by photographers and fans began to pull-off, the 21-year-old took the opportunity to let the world know his thought’s on Selena’s look for the night.

Bieber could be seen in the TMZ clip, yelling at paparazzi “Selena looked gorgeous at the Met Ball!” before speeding off into the night. Could the Biebs be making a play to get his girl Selena back? The Gossip Table reveals the possibilities of a comeback from this former power couple.