Adele Celebrates Her Birthday In The Best Way Possible: Dressed In Drag As George Michael

You gotta have faith.

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen our beloved British soulstress, Adele. Following the MASSIVE worldwide success of 21, she’s pretty much taken a breather from the spotlight for the past few years. Obviously time changes people, but we were a little surprised when Adele showed off a distinctive new look in a photo she tweeted to fans on her 27th birthday.

Yes, the singer rang in her new age by dressing in drag as Faith-era George Michael. Why? Because she’s Adele, b-tch! The photo caught the attention of Michael himself, who was more than pleased that she jacked his style.

The best part of this whole story is Adele’s teasing “#gottahavefaith” in her caption. Yes, it’s a reference to Michael’s 1987 album, but could it also be a hint to fans that her long delayed 25 album is immanent? We’re keeping the faith!

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