Randy Bachman Says Neil Young’s Advice Inspired His New Direction On Latest Album, Heavy Blues

"Reinvent yourself, do something scary"

Randy Bachman’s new album Heavy Blues has an unlikely muse: Neil Young! For legendary founder of the Guess Who and stopped by On Tap with Nik Carter where he performed some new songs, and revealed the surprising inspiration for his latest work.

Young and Bachman have been friends since the ’60s, when the guitarists were playing early gigs up in their native Canada. The pair reconnected recently, soon after Bachman scored himself a brand new record deal, and that’s when Young gave him a valuable piece of advice. “He said, “OK, now is the time…for the new Randy B,” says Bachman. “Don’t do the same old sh-t and call it new, because it’s an extension of what you’ve done. Change gears, get a new band, write new songs, reinvent yourself—do something scary. We don’t get scared anymore, [so] scare yourself.”

Bachman took the words to heart, composing an album inspired by British late-sixties blues of the Who, early Fleetwood Mac, Yardbirds, and John Mayall’s Blues Breakers. He also called on some big name friends, including Peter Frampton, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Robert Randolph, Joe Bonamassa and the late Jeff Healey. Fittingly, he also teamed up with Young on the track “Little Girl Lost.”

Watch the entire extended interview above, and be sure to watch him perform the album’s title cut, and a special bonus track!

“Heavy Blues”

“The Devil Lied”

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