A Pig Is Running for Mayor and One of Her Opponents Threatened to Eat Her

Bacon lovers, unite.

Detroit defense attorney Michael Ewing is putting Giggles the pig in the race for mayor of Flint, Michigan. Yes, you read that correctly.

On Giggles’ Facebook page, Ewing explains why the city deserves a strong leader, and is worthy of better candidates than what it has at this point: two felons. Mayoral hopeful Wantwaz Davis was previously convicted of murder in 1991 and served 19 years in prison. City Councilman Eric Mays was convicted of impaired driving in 2014. He previously plead guilty to assault felony in 1987. Here’s how Ewing puts it:

It started because one of the city council members, who was convicted of murder, announced he was running for mayor. I am pretty forgiving, but it I am really strongly opposed to murder—and think electing a mayor who was convicted of murder sends a bad message about our city. Not to mention the embarrassing letters he has written about Flint. We also have a mayoral candidate who was recently convicted for driving his car while drunk on the highway with three flat tires—while driving the wrong direction on the highway. This same mayoral candidate has been thrown out of council meeting because he cannot behave himself. Flint deserves better candidates than this. While reading about these people it occurred to me that Giggles would be a more dignified candidate—and I’m right…

The combination of the aforementioned buffoons running for office along with the failure to have any mayoral candidate placed on our ballot was too much. All I could think at the time was that the situation is just another city hall circus. And what’s a circus without animals? So, yes, I am running Giggles the Pig for Mayor of Flint. I hope that you will vote for her as a mayoral candidate who has never murdered a human. She has never placed citizens in harm by driving drunk on the highway, and has never interrupted public business and public meetings. She is a sweet and intelligent animal—which is more than can be said for some candidates.

The campaign’s slogan is “Putting the pork back in government!” and uses the hashtag #Giggles4Flint. It’s real.

Giggles’ opponent Wantwaz Davis trolled Ewing on the official Facebook page with a long, angry rant:

Hypocrisy has no place nor boundaries and surly does not discriminate, in which you have confirmed. In saying, you can defend men and women in the court of law who have been charged with murder, or any improprieties, take thousands of dollars from their families, in their weakest moments, while considering them to be of no significance or ability to redeem themselves. In conclusion, I honestly laughed at your remarks, however, I will be the next mayor of Flint, Michigan and will feast off of your pig at my victory party, you can get in for free, VIP on me.

That’s low. CBS Detroit notes that all candidates are write-ins, due to a previous filing error. Which means Giggles isn’t that much of a long shot.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.