Big Ang Went Blonde & Is Doing Amazing Post-Surgery

The Mob Wives star is living that good life.

Back in April, Big Ang underwent surgery to have a tumor removed from her throat but she has bounced back and is doing amazing. The Mob Wives star has been posting pictures to her Instagram and we are so happy to see that she is living so fabulously.

Check out how life is for your favorite mob wife now!

  • Big Ang welcomed a new grandchild!

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    A baby boy named Robert James.

  • She is living the life, spoiling all her grandkids.

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  • She’s back in the kitchen.

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    Please share, Ang!

  • She got a little “boop boop” in her lips

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    And we love her honesty!

  • She went blonde! Yas, girl.

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    And she looks incredible.

  • She’s vacationing in Florida.

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    And rollin’ in a Rolls-Royce.

  • We are so glad to see that Ang is doing so well. What do you think of Ang’s new blonde look?