Kim Kardashian Defends 17-Year-Old Kylie Jenner’s Decision to Get Lip Fillers

The family's voice of reason speaks to her own body image issues.

The Kardashians are a ride or die kind of family, so it’s obvious Kim Kardashian would support younger sis Kylie Jenner’s decision to get her lips plumped. At a recent book signing for her new release Selfish, Kim told Access Hollywood she is “all for” 17-year-old Kylie’s decision to address her insecurity:

I know people are saying she’s only 17 years old, but it’s been an insecurity of hers for years. At 10 and 11 years old she would always say, “Kimmy, how come my lips aren’t as big as your guys’?” It’s something that she always was insecure about. So if it’s gonna make her feel better about herself, I’m all for it. I think she looks beautiful. It’s hard when you’re talking about an insecurity, so I’m happy she [did] and that it’s out and now people will stop talking about it.

Will everyone stop talking about it, though? As for those who wonder why Kylie denied altering her lips and misled people about her look for so long, Kim makes sure to point out that makeup was always a factor. “Kylie for a really long time was overlining her lips, that was her method,” she said. “Once she decided to plump them, she still was overlining and then sometimes [they] would look too big and then she figured out to stop overlining, she plumped them, she was happy with it. So I think that people think, ’Oh my god, she’s lied for so long,’ that’s not really the case. It took her a while to actually make that decision to do it.”

Regardless of what the public thinks, Kim, the Kardashian family’s voice of reason, will always be there to offer her sis advice. And with her own experience dealing with insecurities and being in the spotlight, she has a lot to say. On last night’s episode of KUWTK, the sisters bonded over their own body image issues. “You only have one life, and what I’ve realized from what all of us have gone through, is do what makes you happy,” Kim explained.

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