Lucy Hale Wants To Be Betty White on a Pretty Little Liars Version of Golden Girls

She is serious about that upcoming time jump.

Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars will include a major time jump, and Lucy Hale is already thinking far into the future. And we like where her head is at.

Since she’s played a 16-year-old for the majority of the series, she’s excited to play someone closer to her own age (she’s 26 IRL). But what about after that? “Hopefully when we’re older we want to do a Golden GirlsPLL situation,” she told Nick Lachey on Big Morning Buzz Live. “I want to be the Betty White.” Now who would watch that?

If thinking about who A really is still keeps you up at night, Lucy can’t help you. “I never know what’s happening, right along with the audience, so it’s great,” she said. She revealed she gave up trying to come up with theories back in season 2, because she just couldn’t take her wrong ideas getting shut down. We know the pain and we know it well.

Watch as Lucy reveals Mona’s fate.

When she’s not dreaming up future plotlines for PLL, Lucy is working with Voices of Meningitis as an ambassador to help boost teen immunization rates. As one of the judges in its Boost the Volume campaign, she recently challenged high school a cappella groups to raise awareness on the importance of booster immunization. Check out the finalists here.

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