#DearGeorgette Is the Only Web Series You Need to Be Watching Right Now

"Think Oprah meets Chelsea Lately," to quote the creator of #DearGeorgette herself.

Women and men alike have long searched for relationship, style, and cultural advice in columns, books, movies, and of course, Sex and the City. While the platforms used to discuss these topics might vary, the desire to discuss them is ever-present.

#DearGeorgette is a new web series launched today that puts a fresh spin on topics such as love, pop culture trends, and style — rocking the tastefully risque side boob, for example. It’s a modern day version of advice column Dear Abby aimed at the millenial generation and above. “Think Oprah meets Chelsea Lately,” to use the words of the series’ creator and star, Georgette Pierre, herself.

Georgette is a radio and TV personality, on-air host, producer, news writer, and music programmer. In addition to #DearGeorgette, Georgette produces a morning radio show, The Wake Up Show on WRNW1, which broadcasts on iHeartRadio. She is the face of #DearGeorgette and the woman bringing you discussions on all of life’s woes in the form of YouTube and Vimeo videos.

#DearGeorgette premieres today, kicking off its series with an episode titled “The Reveal,” in which Georgette offers advice on how to turn a friendship into something more. Upcoming topics discussed in the series include overdosing on social media, the three S’s — sexting, Snapchat, and the “shit in between,” and speaking your mind to your partner because, ladies, men are not mind readers.

Check out the premiere episode below, and stay updated on new postings by subscribing to the #DearGeorgette YouTube channel.

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