Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: “If Jesus Wasn’t Hated On, He Wouldn’t Be Who He Is”

Karlie is the second coming of the Lord, apparently.

Karlie Redd is used to being hated on, so in this week’s Check Yourself, when she sees her fight with Rasheeda play out, it rolls right off her back. Karlie is proud of her business and doesn’t have time for Rasheeda’s haterade, and she goes so far as to explain that she has something in common with another famous guy who had his detractors. “If Jesus wasn’t hated on, he wouldn’t be who he is,” Karlie explains. “So, of course. I love it. I welcome it. Hate on, b—h.”

Okee dokee!

Later, KD and Joc discuss their 50 Shades of Grey moment, which they can laugh about now, but Khadiyah explained that when she was IN the moment, her thought was “I’m gonna get as close as I can to killing you without catching a charge.” Job well done, KD, you certainly put the fear of God in that man.