Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Bonus Clip: Stevie’s Sobriety Is In Joseline’s Hands

Stevie explains that if Joseline doesn't kick drugs, he might fall off the wagon too.

When you go through rehab as Stevie J. has, your mind gets clearer and you put things into perspective. In this week’s bonus clip, we see Stevie chatting about the experience with his rehab roommate, Tim, and he definitely seems like he’s made some changes for the better, but he tells Tim that his biggest fear is how his life with Joseline might throw him off course. “I get a fear sometimes [like], damn, what’s gonna happen when I leave this joint?” Stevie says. “Am I gonna be able to maintain sobriety and all that?” Stevie explains that it’s because he’s the one who opened Joseline’s eyes to things, we assume he means sobriety-killing things, which will make it difficult to go home because, as he says “now that I’m clean, she gotta be clean too.”

Can Joseline go cold turkey for Stevie’s sake? We’ll find out as the rest of this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta plays out!