R.I.P. to the Bucket Hat and More Trends Celebrities Killed

It might sound crazy, but Xtina's '00s look was totally on trend. (Yikes.)

Be honest: at one time or another, you’ve definitely purchased an article of clothing or changed your hair because of a celebrity. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of it. Of course, with every celeb-fueled trend, there’s the fad that takes over, quickly becomes oversaturated, and dies out, only to become a piece of nostalgia.

We’re looking back at some of the biggest fashion and beauty fads, and the celebrities that ruined them all for us. (Thanks a lot, Ashton Kutcher!)

  1. Trend: Bucket Hats

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    Culprit: Christina Aguilera and many, many others Actually, everything that’s going on in this picture is, thankfully, a long gone fad. Sorry, Xtina. We still love you!

  2. Trend: The Rachel Cut

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    Culprit: Jennifer Aniston Everybody, and we mean everybody, went to their hairdresser and asked for the “Rachel” cut back in the mid-’90s. The layered cut was basically a must-have…for the moment. Faster than you can say “We were on a break” everyone got sick of the haircut, including the Friends star herself.

  3. Trend: Trucker Hats

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    Culprit: Ashton Kutcher Whether he was boasting about being a Teenage Millionaire or that Jesus was his homeboy, Kutcher put trucker hats on the fashion map in the early 2000s. We’d be mad, but he did sorta pave the way for Frank on 30 Rock.

  4. Trend: Flower Pins

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    Culprit: Sarah Jessica Parker Plenty of Sex and the City trends seem wildly outdated now but none wilted faster than the flower pin trend made famous by leading lady SJP. Unless that thing is going to squirt water at people as a gag, we couldn’t help but wonder why this was a trend to begin with.

  5. Trend: Handbag Dogs

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    Culprit: Paris Hilton You should only be able to find ChapStick and loose change in your purse, not a dog.

  6. Super Low Rise Jeans

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    Culprit: Lindsay Lohan How were any of us supposed to sit in these, LiLo?!

  7. Trend: The Caesar Cut

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    Culprit: George Clooney Of course, Jennifer Aniston wasn’t the only NBC star of the ’90s to cause a coif frenzy. Clooney made dudes think they could look as handsome as he did with a Caesar cut. That was simply not the case, and the style left pretty much as soon as Clooney departed from ER.

  8. Trend: Deeeeeeeeeeep V

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    Culprit: Jennifer Lopez The Very Deep V still has its place on the red carpet, but we hit peak Deep V with the infamous J.Lo dress at the Grammys. Everyone else should have stopped after that.

  9. Trend: Crimped Hair

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    Culprit: Carmen Electra We’re not saying Carmen Electra is solely to blame for this late 90’s trend (lots of ladies were doing it), but…she didn’t exactly help the cause to keep it around either.

  10. Trend: Von Dutch Hats

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    Culprit: Every celebrity in the early 2000s From Missy Elliott to Britney Spears to Justin Timberlake, this fade wore out its welcome (so to speak) pretty quickly.