Yandy’s Wedding Is Out Of Control: Get Your First Look At Love & Hip Hop LIVE!: The Wedding

Whatever you do, don't call Yandy a bridezilla.

Remember on this past season of Love & Hip Hop when Yandy mentioned that she didn’t want to elope in Las Vegas because she always dreamed of a huge wedding with 32 bridesmaids? Well, that wedding is happening and Yandy is making no attempts to rein it in. In this first look at Love & Hip Hop LIVE: The Wedding, which airs Monday, May 25th at 8PM ET/PT, Yandy breaks the news to some of her girlfriends that some of them are bridesmaids, while others have been put in a special “friend of the bride” category. Oh, and we know you’re thinking it, but whatever you do, don’t call her a bridezilla.

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