And This Is Exactly Why You Don’t Eff With Khadiyah

Was anyone else a little bit worried for Joc's safety at that moment?

Joc is not a faithful guy, let’s get that right out of the way Last season, he was screwing around behind Karlie’s back with Khadiyah, and now he’s messing with Sina behind Khadiyah’s back. And since KD is a boss, she handles her business as she sees fit, so on episode 4 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she gave Joc the night of his life by tying him up, torturing him, and leaving him to get himself out of his own mess (literal and figurative).

Not gonna lie, there were moments where we felt bad for ol’ Joc and were worried that this might ruin him for chocolate covered strawberries, but of course, he actually liked it. Give this moment a re-watch just to feel uncomfortable all over again!