Zac Efron Is Using a Butt Double and Learning Life Lessons on a River

Efron may be socially unchained, but is he keeping his pants on?

In history, rivers are a place of quiet peace and deep reflection. You can go down in the river to pray, you can live in a van down by the river, you can even go to the river of dreams with Billy Joel. And now, after some time on the river, Zac Efron has found himself and his freedom. Social media freedom.

“After a few hours on the river and some time to think, I realized it’s time to take over my social. Get ready”

He appears to have learned this thanks to his river guide, Sub Zero from Mortal Combat.

@zacefron, Midway Games

What possibly could we expect from a now socially unchained Efron? A lot of swearing? A lot of shirtlessness? We bet it’s a lot of shirtlessness.

But not a lot of pantslessness. As our friends at The Gossip Table discussed, Efron is reportedly using a butt double in his new movie Dirty Grandpa. Don’t get too down about it, though — it’s possible that the double was just for a stunt, not for booty reasons.