Melissa Rivers Admits Fashion Police Returned “Too Early” After Joan Passed Away

The executive producer reveals how far along E! is in rebuilding the show.

Melissa Rivers knows Fashion Police will never be the same without her late mom Joan, but that won’t keep her from continuing to work on the show. The FP executive producer stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live and told us how the showrunners are picking up the pieces after Joan’s tragic death in September 2014 and, of course, the Giuliana Rancic-Zendaya controversy.

As of now, Melissa reveals she has “no idea” what the show will be like when it returns this fall, but says the creative team started meeting three weeks ago to get the ball rolling. “We’re slowly putting it back together,” she explained. “We definitely went back too early.”

She says the current hiatus is a necessary time to heal, after not only rushing into the show after Joan’s death, but the backlash from Giuliana’s “weed” joke that caused Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne to quit.

If you’re missing Joan as much as we do right now (and always), watch Melissa remember when she wrestled Matt Lauer to secure a Tickle Me Elmo for her grandson.

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