These Hilariously Punny A Cappella Group Names Will Make You Laugh (And Groan)

Get your cheese on because these names are aca-mazing.

Confession: I sang in an a cappella group in college. Our name was The Dynamics, and we were (and still are) pretty damn good.

Not that many people understand a cappella groups. They think being in a group is exactly what it’s like in Pitch Perfect. It’s not — it’s better than that.

Another thing people don’t understand about a cappella groups is why they feel the need to play into the phenomenon by way of overly expressive faces and hand gestures, and of course, punny names. After spending almost four years in a group, my explanation for all of these things is as simple as: It’s just really fun.

For the record, not all a cappella groups are affiliated with a college, and some are even made up of middle aged adults who just really love to sing. For the purposes of this article, we looked at the names of college-affiliated groups. You’d be surprised at how witty some of the names are. You’d also be surprised at the amount of sexual names (or maybe that’s to be expected).

  1. Straight No Chaser, Atlantic Records

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    This is the only Weeknd cover you need to hear.

  2. Compulsive Lyres, University of Michigan

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    Alright, you crazy kids.

  3. Pitch Slapped, Berklee College of Music

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    Ugh, yes.

  4. Fermata Thin Air, Nazareth College

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    Who came up with this one? I need to know.

  5. Aural Fixation, Boston University

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    Oh, my.

  6. Ransom Notes, University of Chicago

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    Shouts out to whoever filmed this one.

  7. Chord on Blues, University of Pennsylvania

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  8. Sexy Pitches, Alfred University

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    So *~sexy~*.

  9. Conn-Men, University of Connecticut

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    The only kind of man you want to be conned by.

  10. Shirley Tempos, Brandeis University

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    Get it, ladies.

  11. Noteworthy, Brigham Young University

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    Professionally filmed? You know this group got some $$$.

  12. ChaiNamics, University of Delaware

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    ’Cause they’re Jewish, ya know.

  13. Sedoctaves, University of Florida

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    So seductive.

  14. Interchorus, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

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    With a name like that, how could you not cover Usher?

  15. Treble Threat, University of San Diego

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    Oh yes.

  16. Unaccompanied Minors, University of Waterloo

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    On point.

  17. Logarhythms, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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    So smart.

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