Mumford & Sons on Recording New Album Wilder Mind: “It Was Like Being a New Band”

If they don't sound the same, it's because they feel different, too.

The biggest fuss over Mumford & Sons’ third studio album stems from the band’s decision to experiment with a more electronic sound. This stylistic choice has caused polarizing reactions, but that doesn’t bother the guys. They made Wilder Mind for themselves, and unlike their first two albums —filled with songs they had road tested during tours— this one came as a surprise to the public.

Lead singer Marcus Mumford and banjoist/guitarist Winston Marshall agree that the creative process for Wilder Mind did wonders for the band’s morale. The chance to make music “behind closed doors,” where the men had the time and space to try out new instruments and sounds, made them feel like “a new band” all over again.

Mumford & Sons may face split reviews of Wilder Mind, but they’ve made it past what could have been a mid-career slump. They now call themselves professionals at what they do — something Marcus and Winston find silly, but true. Find out more about their new sound in the clip above, and hear Marcus and Winston talk about being professional musicians below.

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