Hilary Duff Tinders into Infinity in Her New Video for “Sparks”

This is certain: Hilary doesn't care what you think of her Tindering.

Hilary Duff surprised the world last month when she revealed that she’s on Tinder. Just like the rest of us ladies using the app, the superstar apparently wants to make out with a totally normal dude. And unlike me — and probably a lot of you, she’s shameless about it.

In the music video for “Sparks,” the singer incorporates bits of her interview with Valentine in the Morning, where she revealed that she’s on the app. Throughout the music video, you see Hilary, 27, updating her Tinder profile and, eventually, going on multiple dates — dinner, bowling, go-karting — with Tinder Prince Charming.

Hilary is as glittery in the video as she sounds in the song. She’s inspired by Tinder, and frankly, I didn’t know that was possible. I should ask: How much did Tinder pay Hilary to do this ad? No, really. How much?

Check out the appropriately sparkly new video for “Sparks” here.

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