Kardashian Besties Malika and Khadijah Haqq Learned About the Drama of Reality TV from the Best

The girls who babysat Kylie and Kendall Jenner reveal what it's like being part of the famous family, and details on their upcoming spin-off, Dash Dolls.

Khadijah (left) and Malika Haqq (right) have been part of the Kardashian-Jenner family’s inner circle since they were just 15 years old. You know Khloe’s BFFs from their appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but now they’re ready for their own spotlight. At NBC’s Upfronts in NYC yesterday, we caught up with the stars of the Kardashian spin-off Dash Dolls, who told us what to look out for on their fall show, what it was like growing up with the famous family, and words of wisdom received from the woman they call “Mamma Jenner.”

What can we expect from Dash Dolls?
Malika Haqq: It is exciting everyday for us. It is so many levels. Working in the store, we know what that’s like, but as soon as the cameras came on, we were like, “There’s magic here. This would make for a really great show.”

Is it sketchy territory mixing business with pleasure?
Khadijah Haqq: Well, I think we’ve always worked together.
MH: We used to babysit Kendall and Kylie. We’ve been friends with [the family] since we were 15. We’ve always had a very loving and work relationship, and we’ve balanced it really well for years. We’ve learned so much.

Is there some drama going down in the show?
MH: Honey.
KH: It’s crazy because we weren’t this young, exposing our personal lives [on KUWTK], we were more like playing characters and that was a comfort zone for us. So to do it now, we’ve got the best representation of girls who show us how to do it and be successful. These young girls are coming in and exposing their lives and their vulnerability. It’s really nice to watch.
MH: There’s a Dash Doll everywhere, and I just love that these girls who work in the store are showing other young women in their twenties [that] you can do this, you can do that.
KH: That’s what we want, [a] Dash Dolls takeover.
MH: There is never a boring day. Ever.

How does it feel seeing Kylie and Kendall all grown up?
KH: It completely blows my mind sometimes.
MH: We told Kendall when she was like six [she was going to be a model].
KH: We always knew she was gonna be a model. Always very tall.
MH: She’s got those long, Bruce Jenner legs!

Are you proud of Kylie for coming out about plumping her lips?
MH: What makes me the most proud of Kendall and Kylie, outside of their success, [is] the strength that they represent as young girls. They’re young ladies, but at their age, we weren’t as strong as they were. I commend them, I’m very, very proud of them.
KH: They handle it well, but they also have great role models [with] the women in their family.

Is Kris like a mom to you?
KH: Of course. Just like how our mother is a mom to Khloe. We’ve all been in each other’s lives for so long.

What’s the best advice Kris has ever given you guys?
MH: As a young kid, it was to always follow my heart. As an adult, everything is [about] being true to you. Despite the criticism or whatever else, she’s like, “If it’s true to you and you know you’re not hurting anybody, do what you feel.”
KH: “You deserve it all! You should have it all!” She says that all the time. They’ve worked so hard for everything they have and now they put us in a position to do the exact same thing, and we’re gonna do just that: everything we can to have it all!

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