Watch Jay Z Clap Back at the Man Who Pushed His Security Guard

Don't mess with the boss.

Rule number one of being in the royal presence of Beyonce and Jay Z: Do not upset the Beygency.

In a video that surfaced late last night on Instagram, Beyonce and Jay Z appear to be exiting a building. In between the couple and the swarm of paparazzi is their security guard. One crowd member reached out to the security guard and pushed his arm, which the guard did not take lightly. And neither did Jay Z.

Jay turned around, and walked over to the man, saying, “Hey big man, let me tell you something.” Then the video cuts out. Check it out above via @theshaderoominc, and find out more about how Jay Z and Beyonce beef up their security for daughter Blue Ivy in this Gossip Table clip.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.