Khadiyah Says She Still Beats Joc On A Regular Basis

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star says she has incorporated bondage into her sex life.

On this week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Khadiyah clued into Yung Joc’s extracurricular activities with Sina and she had an unconventional way of addressing the issues with her man.

From “breaking” that iPad to punishment turned bondage play, VH1 caught up with KD to get all the details about that infamous scene and find out where things stand with her and “baby mama #4” today.

What kind of emotions came over you when Sina showed up at your office?

Khadiyah: What went through my head when Sina showed up to my office, my place of business while I’m working and then she showed me that iPad? Of course, on the inside as a woman I was infuriated. I was upset that I was even presented with that evidence at that time. But I had to keep my cool, I had to stay lovely, I had to stay classy. Sometimes there is a part of me that will step outside of that box, and just, she’s not on my level. I can’t expect her to be on my level but at this point and time I got so infuriated I had to come down to her level, drop the iPad to the floor, and stomp on it to show her what I thought about her and her motives. I had to keep my cool, I was still at work. This is how I make my money, this is how I pay my bills, this is how I take care of my family. It was very upsetting for me, but I had to keep my cool and what ended up happening is I took out my frustration on Joc when I got home.

Did you actually break the iPad?

I tried to break it but it didn’t break, so I picked it up and I took it home with me because I wanted him to see what the hell I saw.

Okay, I was confused how you got the video if the iPad was broken. I was like what happened? She broke the iPad but then asked Sina for the video for later?

No, no, no, no, I told her to get out of my office and the next time you see me I may not be smiling like this, but Imma smile right now, “Get out of my office and Imma deal with Joc when I get home” because I knew he would be at home.

What inspired you to tie Joc up? What was going through your head when you went in on him?

I was furious with him and now I tie him [up] on the regular basis. I tied him up that night for a very specific reason, I wanted to punish him for some things he did when he was thinking with the wrong head [Laughs] and since then I’ve been tying him up. He is still being punished for those activities, but just like the average man he’ll think with the wrong head for a little while, and as soon as it’s over he will turn back around and start thinking with the right head. Regardless of his faults or the things that he has done, that he should not have done in my opinion, I still love him and I am still standing by his side and we are still a happy couple. But I still beat him on a regular basis.

Have you started to incorporate that sort of stuff into your sex life now?

Joc and I have absolutely incorporated bonding each other up into our sex lives, yes we have. It is a turn on and something that we both enjoy and we take turns doing it.

It kind of seem like you laughed in the middle of your “torture” session, was it funny to you? Was it hard to take yourself seriously?

When I tied him up there was a number of emotions going through me at that moment. As a woman I am talking to myself in my head and I know what I wanna do, I was angry one minute and [then] when I started beating him, I’m not going lie, it looked funny to see his ass in pain, excuse my French, it looked funny to see him in pain and I enjoyed it and there was a part of it that turned me on, that’s maybe why you saw a smile on my face.

You mentioned that things with you and Joc are still on but how do things stand with you and Sina at the moment?

As of right now, I have a tremendous amount of respect because she birthed two beautiful girls by Joc and I love his children and for that reason I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. My personal relationship with Sina has yet to improve. I would like to improve that relationship, but she is not willing to accept me as the number one woman in Joc’s life yet for her own reasons and I don’t have any control over that.

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