Skrillex + Diplo Explain How The Hell They Started Working With Justin Bieber In The First Place

“With us, there couldn’t have been a more unexpected, weirder idea."

Super DJs Diplo and Skrillex can work with literally any living artist they desire—and they often do. Their individual discographies read like a list of, well, everyone who matters in the music business. When these two party titans teamed up for their Jack Ü project, the line of collab hopefuls stretched all the way down the Vegas strip (probably). So it seemed a tad bit surprising that they picked…Justin Bieber. Don’t get is wrong, the errant child-star’s vocals on “Where Are U Now” weren’t bad— but how did the trio come together in the first place?

It takes a big man to ask ’em that question, and that big man is MTV’s Sway Calloway. He caught up with Jack U after they wrapped up their co-headlining spot for day one of Hangout Fest 2015.

“With us, there couldn’t have been a more unexpected, weirder idea than just [to] do a song with Justin Bieber,” admitted Diplo. “So that’s kinda why we did it, I think.”

“We met him at a club randomly,” remembered Skrillz. “If there’s good chemistry and the vibe is alright, you can’t be afraid to try anything with anybody. There’s no reason you should ever limit yourself.”

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