The Mad Men Series Finale Gave Everybody What They Wanted (Mostly)

Don Draper, as it turned out, just wanted to buy the world a Coke. (SPOILERS AHEAD, OBVIOUSLY.)

The series finale of Mad Men ended a clever, darkly funny, and rather cynical final note as Jon Hamm’s ad man used his California “enlightenment” to come up with one of the most successful ad campaigns of all time. Don’s long journey certainly had its fair share of tears and, seemingly, self-realization, but in the end, Don Draper’s lightbulb moment wasn’t about love or redemption. Don Draper, like AMC’s other legendary, complicated antihero Walter White, was good at his job and was willing to sacrifice everything and everyone for that. For better or worse (mostly worse for the people in his life), Don did things on his own terms.

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