Black Ink Crew Star Sky Puts Teddy On Blast For Cheating

Sky and Teddy seemed so in love...up until today.

Yes Da Fuck He Did…. He Cheated On Our Situationship the TV Is Loud #blackinkcrew

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When we last saw Sky and Teddy on Black Ink Crew, he was picking her up from jail and made it clear that he was ride or die for her (especially since her ex, Bobby, proved to be a snake). Sky and Teddy have been kicking it together for a while and seemed so in love…up until today. Sky just called Teddy out on Instagram for cheating on her, posting in a video “I am single, sexy and free!” and adding the caption “TEDDY CHEATED. Yes Da F— He Did…. He Cheated On Our Situationship.” We’re kind of bummed because we thought these two were ride or die but…I guess that’s just going to add to the drama next season!