Kim Kardashian Talks About Bruce Jenner Transition, Says “She’s Beautiful”

The family is experiencing a range of emotions, but acceptance above all else.

So far, Bruce Jenner has not yet revealed what name will be used post-transition, or stated the preferred use of female pronouns, but talks about “her.” “Her” is who Bruce will be known as publicly after transition, and step-daughter Kim Kardashian told Billy Bush about meeting “her.”

“She’s beautiful,” she said. “She was dressed up, beautiful make-up, beautiful hair, very, very, very beautiful. And felt very comfortable.”

She went on to say how natural it felt to see her, but recognizes others might not feel that way, and that is the reason the family is being so publicly open.

“The point of really sharing all of this is to really help other families going through the same thing,” Kim said.

Some of those who have struggled are within her own family. While she has been comfortable, she says, her family has experienced a range of emotions. For example, Kendall and Kylie Jenner sometimes feel “their dad’s gone.” However, they ultimately accept Bruce. “They understand that they’ve gained someone else…that is the same person, a little bit different,” she said. “Just a new chapter.”

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