Is Bruce Jenner Ready to Fully Transition into a Woman?

On About Bruce, Jenner updated his family on his transition process and shared his own makeup expertise.

Bruce Jenner’s Diane Sawyer interview shed massive light on his transition, but Sunday night’s About Bruce special gave a more personal look at his journey.

For starters, Bruce opened up about trying on women’s clothes and makeup over the years. When Khloe brought him white Louboutins to try on, he showed off his pink toenail polish. According to Bruce, he taught himself how to do his nails, and would frequently paint them, keeping the final product hidden under socks. He even told Kim he could do her makeup better than she can (“I can do it all, baby”). When asked by his daughters if he had ever worn a wig, Bruce discussed his longrunning desire to grow out his hair (something that was captured on the most recent seasons of KUWTK). “I want my hair to be longer, but society says I’ve got to cut my hair because I’m a guy,” he said. “Does [short hair] look better on Bruce? Yes. But it doesn’t look better on my soul.” After questions about whether he’d fully transition, Bruce revealed he had an “appointment” booked within the year.


During the special, we learned that Kendall saw him cross-dressing in the past, sneaking around the house in the middle of the night, and even spotted makeup lying around, leading her to think he was having an affair. Now that the kids know the truth, the cameras are there to watch them learn, heal, and accept his process, as well as acknowledge the varying complexities of coming out. Kim told Today that she recently met “her.” “She was dressed up, beautiful make-up, beautiful hair, very, very, very beautiful,” she explained. “And felt very comfortable.”

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