Rasheeda Decides To Sell Off Kirk’s Cars And Bikes To Pay Off His Debts

"You wanna play? Let's play."

How mad would you be if your husband started stealing money from your business account and is now $100k in debt?? I think any of us would be pretty mad, but Rasheeda has been putting up with Kirk’s BS for years now and in addition to the infidelities, the secret office, the riff-raff he meets at the sports bar (and then hires to work for him), now he’s gone and started building a lavish house for their family and he’s using the money she earned through her online store to fund it. So Rasheeda decides to get her revenge, and pay off their debts in the process. Kirk, say goodbye to your beloved dirt bikes, your six cars, and that Rolex collection. And remember what happens when you mess with Rasheeda’s coin.