‘The Beatles Never Existed’ Conspiracy Will Make You Question Everything You Knew About The Fab Four

Wait- what?

You may think you’re a Beatles fan, but a new website will prove that you don’t even know the half of it. The startling thebeatlesneverexisted.com claims to have blown the lid off one the biggest conspiracies of 21st century music. Or maybe it’s just a hilarious parody. Either way, your mind is about to be blown by this incredibly insane theory.

The site alleges that the band did not consist of just the Fab Four that we know and love, but a larger group of individuals playing characters.”It has become apparent to us in this extensive and painstaking research that there were never just four individual people known as ‘John’, ‘Paul’, ‘George’, and ‘Ringo’ who comprised one Rock & Roll band known as ‘The Beatles’, and rose to fame as the world’s first supergroup. For all intents and purposes as far as we can tell, no one such group ever existed,” reads the introduction. “The purpose of this site is to present evidence that the Beatles were always sets of multiples since their inception, and were not just four individual young men ‘from Liverpool’, as we’ve been led to believe…We are here to explore whether the original individuals themselves ever existed (and if so, what may have happened to them and by whom), but have not been able thus far to calculate how many of each persona were fraudulently presented to the world.”

The story goes that the Beatles could have NEVER had such a prolific career as merely four souls —not to mention keeping up all of their personal appearances and media demands. So clones were used to further the ploy, allowing them to achieve superhuman level of productivity and creativity. But clones are only “95-99%” identical to their source body,” which means that you can tell the difference if you look closely at photos. Using “clues” including discrepancies in height, ears, teeth and eyebrows, the site goes into amazingly obsessed detail. Check it out and decide for yourself: Are the Beatles living a lie, or are they really four guys who are just THAT good?*

*They’re that good.

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