Child Rappers Who Are Already Killing the Game

"The only difference between me and Eminem is that Eminem don't dance." - Child Rapper CJ Dippa

What were you doing when you were seven years old: putting out mixtapes and selling out concerts or trying to learn cursive and playing four square?

The following kids aren’t waiting to pursue their dreams of becoming rappers, so they’re getting a head start while they’re young. Some of them are already so good, it’s a little scary. Check them and their verses out below, and tell me this: What the hell have the rest of us been doing with our lives?

  • Domani

    T.I.’s son, Domani, is already going off. To him, the “rap game is easy, just like playing chess.” Count it up, Domani!

  • Lil’ P-Nut

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    Lil’ P-Nut may be a child rapper now, but when he grows up, he wants to be a scientist and an actor. He’s got mad girlfriends, but don’t tell the mamas.

  • Astro, a.k.a. Brian Bradley

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    Things to know about Astro: He first caught wind when he auditioned for X Factor, he’s had multiple acting roles, and he definitely doesn’t want you looking at his mom.

  • MattyB

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    MattyB is a pretty huge deal. He has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, and sold out two New York City shows when he headlined his first tour in 2013.

  • Mir Money

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    You might know Mir Money as the seven-year-old that Howard Stern once brought to tears on America’s Got Talent. Mir hails from Phili, and his favorite rapper is, well, himself.

  • CJ Dippa

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    CJ had already been rapping for eight years when he auditioned for America’s Got Talent. Plot twist: He was only 11 at that point. And he moonwalked on the stage. BOOM.

  • Lil Yani

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    Lil Yani may be young, but he’s not afraid to get political in his verses. Game changer.

  • Jordan, who can write a rap song in 30 seconds

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    Lyrical pick: “Now I got street cred, more than Drake.”

  • Swag Kid

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    Is Swag Kid the 11-year-old version of Lil Wayne?

  • Lil Niqo

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    Lil Niqo has the backing of DJ Khaled, as well as a shoe line in the works. I spy with my little eye… Lil’ P-Nut!

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