The Format Finally Reunite on Nate Ruess’ New Album—Sorta

♪ Let's cause a scene, clap our hands or stomp or feet or something.... Yeah something ♪

Before You Oughta Know artist Nate Ruess was in fun., he was in The Format — and they were pretty damn good.

Nate and Sam Means, The Format’s other half, aren’t getting the band back together, despite those of us willing, wishing, and praying that they would. But at least these two haven’t lost touch. Nate says that Sam, who did the artwork for The Format’s Dog Problems LP, is responsible for all of the art on Nate’s solo album. So in a way, it’s almost a reunion!

Find out more in the clip above, and then, press play on this ol’ gem. The nostalgia is real.

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