Ever Wonder What It Would Sound Like If Beyonce Did McDonald’s + Toys ‘R’ Us Commercials? This Hilarious Clip Will Give You The Answer!

This is crazy accurate.

Get your lives and watch singer/actress Jade Novah imitate Beyonce in commercials for (fake) companies like McDonald’s, Toys ’R’Us, Band-Aid and more.

Pretending she was the superstar in a Lifeline commercial, Jade said “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” in a voice that strikingly sounded similar to Queen Bey’s.

Watch her video below and get ready to die laughing. The Band-Aid part is our personal favorite.

Taken aback by the love of her parody video, the beauty even tweeted her appreciation for unexpectedly going viral.

Thanks for making our Monday better, Jade.

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