But Did Joc Really Push Up On Karlie at the Yandeecees Wedding?!

"At the wedding he was trying to get some of Karlie's kutty kat."

One of the most memorable moments of part one of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion was the scandal surrounding whether or not Yung Joc had still be intimate with Sina and Karlie Redd since claiming Khadiyah officially as his woman.

Sina said they had slept together since while Karlie revealed that Joc is always trying to sleep with her including right there on the reunion stage. Joc denies the allegations but what’s really the truth?

  • According to Karlie, what KD doesn’t know is that Joc is always asking her for it.

    “He was just sitting on the stage, ’You gone f— me tonight?'”

  • Joseline even cosigned for Karlie’s story, volunteering, “At the wedding he was trying to get into your panties.”

    “At the wedding he was trying to get some of Karlie’s kutty kat.”

  • Back at the Yandeecees wedding, VH1 asked Joc why KD wasn’t there as his guest.

    Embedded from www.youtube.com.

    He vaguely answered “She had something she had to take care of, very important.”

  • From the wedding reception, Kandi Burruss posted this picture of Karlie and Joc.

    Kandi captioned “#GotEeem!!! @joclive why are you all in @IamKarlieRedd’s ear? Lol! He’s gonna kill me for this one!”

  • After Kandi’s picture went crazy viral, Joc defended himself in a video on his Instagram.

    He wrote, “Wow!!!! Yall tryin to get me tied up again!!!! @iamkhadiyah i promise i was only speaking to her baby… #KandiandKarlie #payback…”

  • So…the question remains, was Joc really trying to make something happen with Karlie at the wedding?

    Or are Karlie (and Joseline, and Nina Parker, for that matter) just embellishing? Do you think Sina was lying about being intimate with Joc too? Sound off in the comments!