Avril Lavigne’s “Beef” with Taylor Swift Is Dumb, But We’re Still Here for It

Guess who won't be showing up for Taylor's 1989 World Tour.

Avril Lavigne had something to say after a fan alerted her to a Tumblr post the other day. The post, embedded below, showed Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Kanye West, and Avril posing awkwardly with fans, and contrasted these pictures with ones of Taylor Swift cheerily greeting and kissing her Swifties.


The point of the post was to suggest that TSwift’s meet and greets are superior to other artists’, and the real kicker was the fact that Taylor had favorited it. Avril got out her Twitter fingers and posted the following:

Avril didn’t single out Taylor in her tweets. Why would she? Taylor never actually said anything negative about Avril. Still, people are saying that Avril’s tweets mean that she has “beef” with Taylor. That’s stupid, but what makes it better is that some are saying that Calvin Harris tweeted out a response to Avril. Calvin’s tweet, which E! claims was fabricated, allegedly said this: “She didn’t judge you she doesn’t judge anyone! She was only having fun with her fans, not trying to compare herself to you.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Calvin has inserted himself into his girl’s Twitter woes. Last week, the DJ decided he wanted it with Zayn Malik after Zayn retweeted someone who called Taylor out for taking her music off of Spotify. Oof.

Let’s keep it light on Twitter this week, shall we?

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.