Disclosure Reveals Why They Named Their Upcoming Album Caracal and How They’d Contact Prince

Why email when you can send an owl?

September 25 is the day Disclosure plans to release their second album. Named after the wild cat, Caracal preserves Disclosure’s hypnotic, euphoric sound while introducing the listener to new artists.

Guy and Howard Lawrence did away with instrumental tracks this time around, opting to write with and feature artists on every song. Their lineup includes The Weeknd, Miguel, Gregory Porter, and a reunion with Sam Smith, whose honeyed vocals fall gracefully over the bracing beat of “Omen.” Also on the album are emerging artists Kwabs, Nao, and Lion Babe. The choice to mix well known artists with up and coming ones was an intentional one. It’s Disclosure’s way of aiding their fans in their quest for new music.

Disclosure makes working with artists old and new seem easy, but there is one person they’d love to work with, but haven’t been able to — yet.

“We’d love to do a song with Prince one day,” Howard says. He notes that he’s not entirely sure how he would get in touch with Prince because does Prince even have a laptop? Luckily, Guy has a plan to break down the communication barriers.

“Via owl, like Harry Potter style,” Guy suggests. Nailed it.

Find out what else the boys had to say about Caracal in the clip above, and stay tuned for its release late next month.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.